Products & Accessories

Gallery: Featured Products & Accessories - Pictured below is a sampling of the shampoos & conditioners used by Gentle Touch, but is by no means all inclusive.

Gentle Touch only uses products especially designed for dogs.  Baby Powder Shampoo and Conditioner is gentle to your dogs face, eyes and body.  Plum Shampoo creates a beautiful and shimmering coat and Glo-Coat Shampoo and Conditioners help with dematting and troublesome hair issues. 


Gentle Touch also uses the Happy Tails Canine Spa Line; Sparkle & Shine is a brightening Shampoo with Yogurt & Honey and Comfy Dog Shampoo that soothes dry & itchy skin.  We also have a Sleepytime Tonic that helps calm down your nervous, anxious or overactive dog and is available upon request.