Shelby Plant

Shelby & baby sister, Bella

For Shelby: When we make the decision to welcome a pup into our homes, we don’t contemplate that one day, we will need to say goodbye. But, that is what we know in our hearts we will face eventually. We struggle with the decision to say goodbye, or hold on, even though we wonder if holding on is just too painful for our beloved pets. Shelby’s health had been declining as she struggled to climb stairs, sit and walk. And, she seemed happy with her Mom & her brand new human sister, Bella. You see dogs can tolerate great pain when they are given great love. So with much courage and compassion, a family said goodbye to their beloved dog, Shelby, a dog who brought them safety, laughter, unconditional love and so much more. Shelby will be missed so much, but for now, we know for certain that “Rainbow Bridge” is a more special place, because of the new arrival named Shelby. Welcome home, Shelby.

Venus (December 29, 1998 - January 31, 2012)

Your name was inspired by a bright and twinkling star on a clear winter night.  Throughout your life you felt very proud of and always honored the gifts that the goddess of love and beauty bestowed upon you.  Your spirit was always bright, strong and wise; such a sweet, beautiful and uncommon dog!  You were my constant and my rock, my child, my friend, and my confidante.  You kept me together while I fought the maelstroms that life threw me into.  You never faltered me; you took care of me and watched over me; you were always there whenever I most needed you.  Your sweet eyes and face and your energy and demeanor kept me distracted and busy; your frequent demands for attention, love, and massages always made me focus on you rather than on my other emotions.  Through the years your love has kept me sane and alive; I could always count and lean on you, my most cherished and loyal friend and companion.  Recently someone pointed out that you were always a lady and such a gentle soul, without an ounce of meanness or aggression in your heart.  She added that you always looked deeply into people's eyes trying to assess the human soul.  I think those qualities allowed you to anticipate, guide and protect.  I could trust you with my life! And that is how I want to remember you.


Thank you for being in my life and for giving me so much.  I love and miss you so much it hurts!  Until we meet again, my sweet Venus. 


Your mom,  Silvia Gutierrez

Loee Lou Cross (September 22, 1995 - July 17, 2010)

My sweet Loee. Finding the words to describe you and the amazing blessing you were in my life is as difficult as describing the beauty of color to someone who has never had the gift of sight. You were the reason for so much joy, adventure and peace in my life. You were my best friend, my child and my guardian. You understood me and accepted me. You inspired me to try to become the person you believed me to be. Because of the amazing reward of your companionship and devotion, I discovered my passion to nurture scared rescue dogs and help them find wonderful forever families so that others could experience joy like the joy I found with you. Your legacy lives on and I will continue to honor you by doing my part for the voiceless homeless pups that need help. As you enjoy life from above, most certainly in the arms of my dad, I find peace knowing that you are again healthy, happy and have brought a piece of me with you to be with my dad until I can join you both. You are forever in my heart. I love you and miss you, Sweet Loee, and am eternally grateful for the blessing you were in my life.

Misty Thompson (June 2000 - December 2011)

Misty came into Eileen's life and brought her daily joy, comfort and unconditional love.  She was protection and company after Eileen's husband, Jim, passed on.  And now, Misty joins Jim and look over Eileen from above.  And though Eileen misses her Misty very much, she is comforted in knowing that Misty no longer suffers and is at peace.  She brought much light in the life of her master and is missed so very much.